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Barks No More CTC Review

Stop Barking and Aggressive Dogs with a Button Push

We put the latest and greatest dog training devices to the test. Stop yelling and start training your dog with our #1 device!

Splash Spray CTC Review

How I Restored a 15-Year-Old Greasy Stained Oven Within Seconds...

Spray away dirt, mold, grease, grime, and stains with this powerful multipurpose cleaner. Enjoy a cleaner home with less work.

Barks No More CTC Review

Never Scrub a Toilet Again! Deep-Clean with a Flush

We put the latest and greatest dog training devices to the test. Stop yelling and start training your dog with our #1 device!

How Does Consumer Trust Coalition Work?

Consumer Trust Coalition

Consumer Trust Coalition was founded by a team of professional product reviewers with deep knowledge in their respective fields. Our mission is to provide consumers with transparent information about the latest and greatest products and services. Our vision? Charting markets so that people can make rational decisions and give power back to customers!

This has been made possible thanks to our talented staff members who are committed not only to testing each product ourselves but also to researching relevant topics outside any specific category or group – all designed around providing you clarity on what matters most when shopping today.

Klean Ears CTC Review

Remove Ear Wax Safely with These Q-Tip Replacements

Fact: Q-Tips are dangerous for your ears! Switch to a dedicated earwax removal tool. We tested dozens to find the best.

Smooth Glide Epilator CTC Review

Remove Unwanted Hair from the Root with an Electronic Epilator

Say goodbye to tweezers! Switch to an electronic epilator. Remove unwanted body hair from the root. Smooth skin guaranteed!

Best Breath CTC Review

Erase Bad Breath with a Daily Oral Probiotic

We put the best oral probiotics to the test. Improve digestion, skin health, and bad breath with a safe daily supplement.

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Haley Williams

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Splash Rinse CTC Review

From Grime to Shine - Rejuvenate Your Dishwasher Machine with a Deep-Clean

We rely on our dishwashers to clean our plates, cups, and utensils. Your dishwasher cleans for you, but when was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher?

Splash Spotless CTC Review

Is Your Washing Machine Making You and Your Family Sick?

Dangerous bacteria can build up in your washing machine. If. your clean clothes have an interesting smell, it might be time to deep clean your washing machine.

Oricle Hearing Aids CTC Review

Discover the Most Affordable OTC Hearing Aids for Seniors

Can’t afford a hearing aid? Think again! We tested the best OTC hearing aids on the market. No prescription required. Improve your hearing for less than $100.